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Fireball 565,535
Fire Plane65,535
Ball Rolling 365,535
Motocross FMX65,535
Maya Blocks65,535
Bubble Struggle 2 : Rebubbled65,535
Sift Heads World65,535
Devil Fall65,535
Uphill Rush65,535
4 Wheels Madness65,535
Joker Poker65,535
Factory of Fear65,535
Drag Racer v365,535
Inuyasha. Demon Tournament65,535
Kingdom of Machines65,535
Drag Racer v265,535
The Impossible Quiz 265,535
Dune Buggy65,535
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RPG Games

Nightmares The Adventures Episode 2Nightmares The Adventures Episode 2
Explore the world as a little boy. Pick up items to help you get past other spots in the game.
Someone is in the house, try to take him out without getting stabbed to death. Find objects to help.
Thorenzitha 3Thorenzitha 3
Explore the world and shoot the bugs. Discover what is happening in the world of Thorenzitha.
Nicholas Weird Adventure 2Nicholas Weird Adventure 2
Explore the world and have an adventure as Nicholas.
Inspector WombatInspector Wombat
Can you solve the mystery by investigating and using your detective skills?
RazorMane RPGRazorMane RPG
An amazingly created 3D world of RPG gameplay. Explore the world and conquer your objectives.
Forgotten RitesForgotten Rites
Explore the futuristic cyborg story about soldiers on a spaceship.
CSI Mind PrisonCSI Mind Prison
Can you solve the crimes as you use your detective skills and tools to solve it?
Geek Quest 2Geek Quest 2
Explore the buildings, solve the mini puzzles, grab items for your inventory. Meet up with bad guys.
Escaping Paris Hilton 2Escaping Paris Hilton 2
Paris hilton is back in jail, can you help her escape again?
Mardek RPG Chapter 1Mardek RPG Chapter 1
Explore the game world, meet up with interesting monsters, then crush them to dust!
Pit your dragon against the computer dragons in this RPG dragon fighting game.
Cauchemars Les AventuresCauchemars Les Aventures
Cauchemars Les Aventures is RPG games very addicted.
Sinjad: Battle ArenaSinjad: Battle Arena
Play this Cool PRG Games Sinjad: Battle Arena
Anika's OdysseyAnika's Odyssey
Great RPG quality games.
Kingdom of MachinesKingdom of Machines
An awesome Zelda style RPG.
A Christmas RPGA Christmas RPG
There's been an explosion at one of Santa's factorys and you must avoid being arrested by the police
Load out your skills and point system and continue the story of this toon RPG.
Resident WiiVileResident WiiVile
This game is most certainly for Nintendo Wii addicts.
Hell Of FearHell Of Fear
Down to the depths of the abyss.. Will fear get a hold of you?
Mardek 2Mardek 2
Play Mardek 2 RPG games!
Zelda: Valentine's QuestZelda: Valentine's Quest
Help Link gather together the right ingredients to get flowers for Zelda.
Red Devil RPG2Red Devil RPG2
Walk through the house, explore, pick up items, do quests and battle enemies.
Lost Sweeper RPGLost Sweeper RPG
Lethal RPG Universe one man role playing game
Golden Sun RPGGolden Sun RPG
The story starts in Venus light house, just before Saturos And Menardi light the beacon...
Black Dragon RPG 1Black Dragon RPG 1
Play Black Dragon RPG 1 Game Now
Monsters DenMonsters Den
Your is to create a party of up to four heroes, from five distinct character classes.
Hero RPGHero RPG
As a Hero you must keep justice in Dulla city!
Lethal RPG DestinyLethal RPG Destiny
Customize your character and fight it out in this RPG game.
Perfect SummitPerfect Summit
Very story driven and a bunch of dialogues. Ready to role play?
Play Ronin the spirit of samurai, this is the RPG games based on samurai-x
Steppenwolf 24Steppenwolf 24
Explores and discovers all the secrets of this sensational graphical adventure.
Adventures of Guy - RPGAdventures of Guy - RPG
One day, you wake up, go outside and are attacked when a wizards asks you to go on a quest.
Pico's Cousin 2Pico's Cousin 2
Otis visits his grandma but she and his father disappear, leaving him in the retirement home.
Kingdom FireKingdom Fire
Play this RPG game featuring a lot of items and spells that can be cast!
Armor TriggerArmor Trigger
Play these nice mini-games and have fun!
As a secret agent you're in a dangerous position and must find the exit! Follow the instructions and
Alien 4Alien 4
Try to find the lost ship and it's crew!
Mesiria 2Mesiria 2
Continue the journey of Gustave as he survives in the previous part and arrives.
Solid RPGSolid RPG
Over 800 years have past since the great evil, journey on your quest, buy items, get weapons and do
Choose to play as a warrior, traitor, jester or alchemist in this great role-playing game.
Final Fantasy BaryFinal Fantasy Bary
Final Fantasy series? Haha in flash!
Epics of Distant RealmEpics of Distant Realm
A fancy RPG with plenty of places to visit, things to do, and enough story to keep you filled.
Play Murloc Games Now!
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 4Super Sneaky Spy Guy 4
The role playing game series continues in part 4 as you continue your photo realistic adventure.
A well created RPG that has good graphics.
10 Gnomes 810 Gnomes 8
Not 8, not 9, no! 10! 10 Gnomes you have to find in the 8th part of the monochrome point and click j
10 Gnomes 7 - The Solitude10 Gnomes 7 - The Solitude
In 10 Gnomes 7 - The Solitude you have 10 minutes to find all the 10 dwarfs again. Use the mouse to
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