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Fireball 565,535
Fire Plane65,535
Ball Rolling 365,535
Motocross FMX65,535
Maya Blocks65,535
Bubble Struggle 2 : Rebubbled65,535
Sift Heads World65,535
Devil Fall65,535
Uphill Rush65,535
4 Wheels Madness65,535
Joker Poker65,535
Factory of Fear65,535
Drag Racer v365,535
Inuyasha. Demon Tournament65,535
Kingdom of Machines65,535
Drag Racer v265,535
The Impossible Quiz 265,535
Dune Buggy65,535
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Puzzle Games

The goal is to jumping each pegs from the board by jumping each pegs
CattlePult Players PackCattlePult Players Pack
Bounce the cattle from the pult into the other items around the map. Can you complete all 10 levels?
Numbers display how many marks are in that row. Can you figure out where each filled box should be?
Chinese Checkers 2DChinese Checkers 2D
This is a variation of the classic game Chinese Checkers...
IQ BicIQ Bic
Unite blocs that were similar to eliminate them from the boards.
Click and drag the nodes around to line up the lasers so they run through all the circles.
Choose where to fire your lone shooting star to light up all of the rest.
The Impossible Quiz 2The Impossible Quiz 2
Answer insanely hard questions that require obscure insane logic, super fast reactions or just pure
Word BumpWord Bump
Bump all the golden tiles up to the top to win.
Submachine FLFSubmachine FLF
You find yourself locked in a padded room with only an ancient tape player at your feet.
Get the block to fall into the square hole to progress to the next levels.
Complete each protein to grow a molecule in every cell you see, leaving none empty.
Mindfields 2Mindfields 2
Use the actions in your toolbox to find the safe way through the enemy lines.
Tam Pyramid ChallengeTam Pyramid Challenge
Pick the question boxes and climb your way to the top of the pyramid for $1,000,000.
Sue Jigsaw PuzzleSue Jigsaw Puzzle
Solve the jigsaw puzzles before the time is up!
Move the blocks over and match them up to remove them.
Hang The AlienHang The Alien
Try to guess the word and save the alien. Use your keyboard to type letters.
Yellow OutYellow Out
Move vehicles out of the way to make a way out for the yellow car.
The rules are simple: the squares of one color placed side by side form a block
Orbox BOrbox B
Find a way to the exit by bouncing off the walls. A very nice mind game that gets harder every level
Miffy PuzzleMiffy Puzzle
Drag the pieces and complete the puzzle.
Mario Tetris 3Mario Tetris 3
Super Mario Tetris 3 is here, More Music, Better Graphics, a Better Menu. It is the classic tetris
Mad CowsMad Cows
Your cows are infected with mad cows disease. To save your farm you have to pick out the infected
Alphabet JungleAlphabet Jungle
Use the 6 letters given to form dictionary words before time runs out.
Jewels GearJewels Gear
Rotate the board to group the jewels together and clear them.
Flash TetrisFlash Tetris
Drop down blocks in this classic game and score as many points as possible.
Defuse Da BombDefuse Da Bomb
The hotel is in danger, someone placed 20 bombs inside of it! While every man runs for his life bomb
Go Go PetsGo Go Pets
A funny pet-related card matching game where you have to match up 2 cards to score points
Submachine 4Submachine 4
You find yourself on the roof of some strange house and must find a way out.
Push ItPush It
Push the blocks onto the markers without getting any of them stuck.
Day of the BobtedsDay of the Bobteds
Play Day of the Bobteds Now!
Match 3 balls to make them disappear before they get to the hole.
Fill UpFill Up
Move all the gold balls into the white stars fields and go to the next level!
Yoko RutaYoko Ruta
Find the key's and solve the problem, how you get to the exit door! Use the arrow keys, Spacebar and
Suzi SaysSuzi Says
Your goal in the game is to click on the gadgets that Suzi says. The faster you click them, the more
Aengie QuestAengie Quest
This is a cute online ismotric puzzle game where you have to guide aengie to the exit zone of each l
Cube CoreCube Core
Escape the cube core by solving each puzzle as you go along.
Lt. Fly vs The Spiders from AboveLt. Fly vs The Spiders from Above
Help the flies battle the invading spiders.
Stunt Bike DrawStunt Bike Draw
Create a sloped ramp jump for your dirt biker to ride across and leap over the obstacles.
The Rise of AtlantisThe Rise of Atlantis
Form matches of three-in-a-row by swapping adjacent tiles.
Chooka WorldChooka World
Create bubbles to make each Chooka get their own bubble. Can you complete all the puzzles?
Cubitsu 2Cubitsu 2
Rotate the rows and columns to line up the stars and avoid matching skulls.
More BloonsMore Bloons
Pop the minimum number of bloons to pass each level. Pop special balloons for special effects.
Let It FlowLet It Flow
Connect the pipes and pump the water to keep the crops alive and make the animals happy.
2 Mazed2 Mazed
You have to move two creatures simultaneously through various mazes. Both have to reach the exits at the same time. Have Fun!
3 Minutes On The Beach3 Minutes On The Beach
Need time to relax? Take a break and enjoy this time killing and absolutely stress-free symbol swapp
12 Swap12 Swap
Switch the smiley faces around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more.
20 Warriors20 Warriors
Guide 20 Warriors through this addictive puzzle game. Use arrows to jump and run, hit arrow down to add a warrior and G to kill them al...
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