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Puzzle Games

Connect 4Connect 4
Connect 4 Place your pieces down and connect up to four to win before computer does.
Gem MineGem Mine
In Gem Mine you click on clusters of 3 or more gems to collect them into your rail cart and use bomb
Monster HatchMonster Hatch
Click on the proper eggs to hatch all the monsters at once. Use MOUSE to select eggs to hatch.
The Orc RingThe Orc Ring
Take a step into another world as you enter the smoky bar and sit down next to an orc.
Easter EggsEaster Eggs
Move around the eggs and match up four of them to remove before the time runs out.
Top BananaTop Banana
A simple but addictive board game. You start in a random position (P)...
Rotate the blocks and match up the sides of colors to remove them. Remove all blocks to win.
Maze v2Maze v2
Go through the maze really quickly before time runs out get to bonus rounds. ARROW KEYS to move.
Rotate the connectors using your mouse and get the sparks into the center.
River GameRiver Game
The object is to get all the people across the river.
Railway LineRailway Line
In Railway Line you need to build a railtrack from pieces available to get the train to the station.
Cattle PultCattle Pult
Move your bull to shoot the object
To clear all level, turn all tiles yellow by dragging or placing them next to exactly as many other
Puzzle BobblePuzzle Bobble
Join all two or more balls of the same color together so that when they are joined all of the balls
Deep DiggDeep Digg
Digg your way down to the bottom of the puzzle by dig through the same colored pieces, but be carefu
Cucaracha is puzzle game where you have to stop the cucarachas from reaching the edges of the board.
The objective of this game is to rotate the swuffles so that you create a unique group of 4 or more
Smiley MemorySmiley Memory
Find Smiley matching face, use mouse to play this game.
Door to DoorDoor to Door
Click the doors to find matching pairs before the time runs out!
Time WarpTime Warp
Time Warp is a sideview adventure game with many puzzles to solve, read the ingame instructions for
Bongo BallsBongo Balls
Shoot the same colored balls next to each other so that they form a group of 3 or more and disappear
Mad VirusMad Virus
Grow a virus that covers the board before you run out of moves.
Play Patchworkz! the puzzle games.
Fushion Lite!Fushion Lite!
Click to shoot matching colored tiles and clear them from the board!
Gold PanicGold Panic
Plag Gold Panic Puzzle Games.
Your objective is to collect all of the yellow stars by moving your red dot with your Mouse. Sounds
Carefully work your way through each of the complicated puzzles by fighting off all of the evil mons
Deal or No DealDeal or No Deal
Try to pick out the smallest denomination of money so that at the end you are left with $1 million d
Chinese CheckersChinese Checkers
In this checkers variation game your objective is to clear as many of the pieces as you can by jumpi
Chess 3dChess 3d
In this nicely made 3d flash chess game your mission is simple, put your opponent in check mate befo
Goofy GopherGoofy Gopher
Match all the flowers before the sun sets!
Match the result number to solve the puzzle! very addicted games.
Free The PharaohFree The Pharaoh
Escape by sliding the pharaoh tombs around to make a path for the red boxed one.
War BearsWar Bears
Bank robbers have taken over the bank with hostages. Lead your war bears to destroy the bank robbers
Use this amazing skill in order to make your way through the maze and collect coins along the way.
Animal DanceAnimal Dance
Can you remember the order the animals jump and then repeat the pattern? Use that memory of yours.
Collect necessary sum rotating the digits in the square to clear the playfield.
Fruity Flip FlopFruity Flip Flop
Arrange the fruit so that there are 2 or more fruits of the same fruits in a row.
HoloHolo IslandHoloHolo Island
Shoot at group of bubbles of the same color and clear the board to complete every level.
Rings and SticksRings and Sticks
You are a tree, and you collect rings by growing
Addicted puzzle games, play with words.
Trapdoors and TreasureTrapdoors and Treasure
Open and close the trap doors to let your group of pirates down to the treasure.
Kitten PuzzleKitten Puzzle
Put the cat on the right place and move to the next level
Move the same blocks, fire and remove them from board.
Scooby Doo. Snack MachineScooby Doo. Snack Machine
Get the Scooby Snacks in Scooby Doo’s mouth!
Baby BallBaby Ball
Direct the ball to complete the level, use mouse to play this game.
Move all objects onto the red drop off points and go to the next level!
Amazon QuestAmazon Quest
Explore the amazon by complete each puzzle!
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