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Puzzle Games

What about a round of nine men morris? In this board game you have to place and move your stones in
Doctor A.TomDoctor A.Tom
If you like those chain reaction puzzle games here another sweet time killer for you to waste the ne
Totem DestroyerTotem Destroyer
If you re good in Jackstraws or Timber this nice logic puzzle game should not be a great deal for yo
Ring Mania 2Ring Mania 2
Here the second part of the puzzle game. Again you have to cluster the rings, but this time you move
Try to navigate the blue ball through all the mazes of this little skill game without touching the p
Evito BallEvito Ball
Get your ball through the challenging levels of this quite tricky action maze game. Use arrows to mo
Sound Of Gravity 3Sound Of Gravity 3
Get the rabbit through this platform puzzle game using arrows, flip the screen to reach the exit. At
Prism - Light The WayPrism - Light The Way
Here comes a puzzle game for all the light engineers of you. Try to illuminate all smiling blobs wit
Neo OrbNeo Orb
Quick puzzlors will definitely have their fun with this logic puzzle game! Use the mouse to swap the
Ring ManiaRing Mania
The first part of the puzzle game Ring Mania which is based on the Bubble Puzzle (and Zuma) games. U
The fast-paced puzzle game Deflection demands skill and patience as you have to redirect / deflect t
Mario PuppetsMario Puppets
This puzzle game is a tricky mixture of Puzzle Bubble and Tetris. Click on the moving Mario characte
The tricky Sokoban-like puzzle game Blockoban requires a lot of gray matter. Use mouse to slide bloc
Actually, this is another Puzzle Bubble puzzle skill game but the entire field won't stop rotating.
Magnetic Impact Resistant Cubes (M.I.R.C.) is a quite unusual kind of defense game. Use mouse to rep
Dominus VoidDominus Void
Dominus Void is another, but quite fancy logic maze game. Use the arrow keys to move until you are g
Button Hunt 3Button Hunt 3
Now where the button? If an object is red and round it may be a button in this relaxing point and cl
Beetle RunBeetle Run
In this logic game you have to help that proud little dung beetle to get his ball of crap to the exi
More NiftyMore Nifty
Who needs a Nintendo DS when you can train your brain with this gray cells killing logic puzzle game
Pick-a-Stick in the tricky logic puzzle skill game DUI. Remove (as many as possible) blocks but don'
Samegame HexagonizedSamegame Hexagonized
In this click away all same-colored stones puzzle game you have to think ahead if you want to clear
In the puzzle maze game LightBot you have to get the little bot to the exit indirectly by creating a
Maze Stopper 2Maze Stopper 2
Don't be turned down by the so-so graphics, this maze puzzle game is quite addictive! Place obstacle
Rotating BallsRotating Balls
The days of maze games where you have to get a ball through labyrinths are over because now you have
The logic game Globule is a mix of maze, Sokoban and Snake. Collect all slime globs, bring them to t
Mind The BloxMind The Blox
Click away same colored couples of tiny monsters in the puzzle game Mind The Blox. Various very help
You have to clear all marked fields by clustering at least 3 same-colored stones. Click on a stone a
Fantastic ContraptionFantastic Contraption
You use various elements to build Fantastic Contraptions which are able to move the red ball to the
In the puzzle game GudeBalls you rotate plates and send the balls on rails using your mouse. Enjoy!
Well, this one may look like a complex puzzle game, but nope: Just collect symbols with the same col
Descent 2Descent 2
Second part of the good sailor maze game Descent. Use arrows to rotate the screen and to slow down y
Paper Golf 2Paper Golf 2
Okay, this kind of maze game features a paper... but golf? Memorize the golf course and draw a line
Gemworks is a (insanely challenging!) hardcore puzzle game just for the real badass puzzl0rs of you!
Kinetikz 2Kinetikz 2
Here comes the second part of the logic puzzle game Kinetikz. Again you have to shoot your discs and
If you're a good painter and a wise guy you can find out in this puzzle game. Colorize all the surro
Never EndNever End
Puzzle maniac! you should play this games to solve the puzzle!
Sliding BlockSliding Block
Rearrange the blocks to get the red block to the exit.
The goal of this puzzle skill game is to get the little BoomBot to the exit. Use the mouse to place
This bubble has some chameleon skills which you'll need to crush the colored bricks in this puzzle g
Putt BasePutt Base
In this mixture of golf game and Incredible Machine you have to get the ball through various mazes.
Kill some time with the relaxing but even so challenging logic skill game Flux. Click on the colored
Grid LineGrid Line
You have to think outside the box. Use your arrows to move all the colored blocks and try to get the
Puzzle BoyPuzzle Boy
This is a mix of Sokoban and the recent game Open Doors. Use the arrows to move the Puzzle Boy, push
Iron WorksIron Works
Here comes another sweet little Bubble Puzzle game ripoff in which you have to use your mouse to sho
Ball BalanceBall Balance
In the logic puzzle game Ball Balance you will also have to show some good balancing skills as you h
The logic puzzle game React breathes new life into the old Tetris business!
Use mouse to fire discs and guide the ball to the exit of each level.
Rock GardenRock Garden
Take care of the garden maintenance. Click, move the mouse and release to move them.
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