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Maya Blocks65,535
Bubble Struggle 2 : Rebubbled65,535
Sift Heads World65,535
Devil Fall65,535
Uphill Rush65,535
4 Wheels Madness65,535
Joker Poker65,535
Factory of Fear65,535
Drag Racer v365,535
Inuyasha. Demon Tournament65,535
Kingdom of Machines65,535
Drag Racer v265,535
The Impossible Quiz 265,535
Dune Buggy65,535
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Shoot 'em up Games

Damn BirdsDamn Birds
An addictive and elaborate game where your gaming and strategic skills are put to the test.
Gear UPGear UP
Gear UP is a very technical kind of a shoot'em up game. Press your mouse button to move your gear, h
Fisher BoyFisher Boy
Shoot the fishes and come up for air. Each level gets harder. Earn cash to buy better weapons.
Shoot the monster!
A.L.I.A.S 3A.L.I.A.S 3
Play the third and last chapter of this action game.
Skywolf OneSkywolf One
Pilot Skywolf One in a aerial dog-fight against enemy planes. Go to shop after each level to upgrade
Squirrel HuntSquirrel Hunt
Shoot the anger Squirrel!
Desert WarDesert War
Shoot all the war machines that appear on the screen. Try to destroy them all as you grab more guns.
Bridge ShootoutBridge Shootout
You have been assigned to do some bridge security work.
Nazi Defender 2Nazi Defender 2
Defend yourself from the incoming Nazi's soldiers by throwing grenades toward them.
divine interventiondivine intervention
Another shooting games.
Rambo BrosRambo Bros
Help Mario and Luigi fight with modern day weapons :)
gunmaster 3gunmaster 3
the third series of gunmaster
Gunmaster Onslaught 2Gunmaster Onslaught 2
Try to alive as long as possible on Gunmaster Onslaught 2
Gunmaster OnslaughtGunmaster Onslaught
This is 2 side scrolling shooting game .
The EnforcerThe Enforcer
You have been assigned as the enforcer. Shoot down all the enemies that appear on the screen with no
Stande SoldierStande Soldier
you are a soldier who has been dropped off on a foreign terrain, and all you had with you is your in
Bionicle JallerBionicle Jaller
Shoot the incoming underwater machines. Charge your weapon by holding down the mouse and scrap them.
Nine Billion Miles From EarthNine Billion Miles From Earth
Spaceships on strings. Space Snow Men. An evil genius bent on destruction. That smoke machine was to
Fleabag Vs MuttFleabag Vs Mutt
It's a great battle between a cat and a dog who are chucking things at each other.
Try to escape your jail cell by quietly finding a way to get out and beating up the guards on the wa
Counterstrike TrainingCounterstrike Training
Play Counterstrike Training Games Now!
Magic Jet 2Magic Jet 2
Very long ago people has ability to fly. But something really dangerous and unusual happened to them
Chernobil RabbitsChernobil Rabbits
The Goal - destroy as much as possible rabbits-mutants. There is a big arsenal of the weapon at the
Horizon of WarHorizon of War
Can you slay all 99,999 enemies and become the world champion in this super-shooter?
Robina HoodRobina Hood
Aim using your mouse and press the left mouse button to fire.Each stage will tell you the objective
WolfenFlash 3DWolfenFlash 3D
WolfenFlash 3D - Flash remix of first popular 3d game Wolf Enstain. Play and remind old good time
Escape From HelltowersEscape From Helltowers
Your mission is to escape from the evil research facility know as Helltowers while saving as many pr
Shoot 2: Cruise ControlShoot 2: Cruise Control
Mad game, very fun... space to hide and mouse to shoot, with funny intro as well.
Virus AttackeVirus Attacke
Move around the halls shooting all the viruses that are destroying the computer parts.
Garfield Sheep ShotGarfield Sheep Shot
Launch the sheep and hit Garfield and other items to keep Garfield from waking.
Serious SantaSerious Santa
Santa is damn angry and gets down to business.
Jail BreakJail Break
Shoot them up, before they kill you!
Rescue four soilders who were captured by the cobra bats in this excellent tank game.
Grave 2Grave 2
Use pistol, shotgun, machine gun and shoot down the enemies within the building.
Night of the SnowmenNight of the Snowmen
Christmas stress relief for all!
Silhouette 2Silhouette 2
A top down shooter where you shoot out lights and cameras and enemies. Unlock more guns further in.
Shinobi KunShinobi Kun
Spit darts at the enemy ninjas, but avoid hitting friendly ninjas. How many can you take out?
Jockstrap SlingshotJockstrap Slingshot
Shoot the soap out of the jockstrap at the falling items. Beware of dirty monsters.
Art of War - El AlameinArt of War - El Alamein
Shoot the incoming enemies on trucks, motorcycles, and even helicopters. Can you survive it all?
Santa ShowdownSanta Showdown
A short shooting game of shooting elves and kids as they pop out from behind things in a few spots.
Area 41Area 41
Shoot the cybernetic machines, collect objects and cash for points.
America Fights BackAmerica Fights Back
Think you can do better in the war? Well heres your chance.Use your mouse and click to fire your gun
Toon Crisis 2Toon Crisis 2
Protect Livi Trench from cartoon monsters.
Mad PlaneMad Plane
You've accidentally went too far past your space territory and flown yourself into enemy space where
Shot that hearts! use mouse to control your angle and power.
Shoot all those bad spider and reach highest point!
Hive GuardianHive Guardian
Shoot and launch grenades at the incoming bees that are trying to attack your hive.
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