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Factory of Fear65,535
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The Impossible Quiz 265,535
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Shoot 'em up Games

Kindergarten KillerKindergarten Killer
Get inside the kindergarten and shoot down those pesky little kids with your shotgun.
Shooting SalmonShooting Salmon
Walk around the dock as a fish hunter and catch salmon with your harpoon.
Walk around the map and destroy everything in your way in this 2D top view shooter game.
War On Terrorism 2War On Terrorism 2
Use your MOUSE to aim. LEFT CLICK to fire your weapon.
Missile StrikeMissile Strike
Destroy incoming comets. Launch your missiles carefully, because your ammo is limited!
Fly PigFly Pig
Shoot down flying pigs with your shotgun and make a sandwich from the meat.
Clay Pigeon HunterClay Pigeon Hunter
Shoot down the clay round Frisbee discs that are shot into the air with your rifle.
Forest FightForest Fight
The deep shelter of the forest has always been a safe haven for those who inhabit the land.
Evil Balloon SiegeEvil Balloon Siege
Throw pins and pop those evil balloons invading your castle.
Alien Invasion 2Alien Invasion 2
Fly your space cruiser through the urban streets of this city shoot down UFOs and little green alien
Skeet ShotSkeet Shot
Test your shooting skills by shooting skeet. Use YOUR MOUSE to AIM and FIRE
Boxhead 2 PlayBoxhead 2 Play
With Boxhead 2 Play, you have the options to play with a friend in Cooperative or Deathmatch mode!
Jetpack Escaper CaperJetpack Escaper Caper
Stop Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden from getting away in jet packs. MOUSE to aim and fire.
War On TerrorismWar On Terrorism
Take a stand against terrorism and save the day. Use MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to shoot.
Cannon BlastCannon Blast
Get pirate to set off the cannons and sink invading ships.
Zombie SquirrelZombie Squirrel
Send those zombie squirrels back to hell and kill their master.
Schnaapi ShooterSchnaapi Shooter
The goal of this game is simple: kill as many schnappies as possible within the time limit.
Shooting the FlyShooting the Fly
Use your gun to shoot the annoying bugs before they get across the screen. MOUSE to aim and shoot.
Non African SafariNon African Safari
Shoot down all attacking animals in this difficult, fast action shooter.
Stress Relief PaintballStress Relief Paintball
Zap the smiley faces with your paintball gun to score points.
SAM SiteSAM Site
Your samsite is equipt with radar and heat-seeking surface to air missiles.
Lone Faction 2Lone Faction 2
Lone Faction 2 games! play now!
Commando StrikeCommando Strike
Commando Strike is like a combination of Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament.
Bean HunterBean Hunter
In this game, many little green beans would appear in the scene.
Redneck Shoot OutRedneck Shoot Out
A funny shooting game. You should use your mouse to shoot those rednecks appear in the screen within
Boat HuntBoat Hunt
You are in a boat, and you have to shoot at the duck flying straight forward to you!
Get FlippyGet Flippy
Another shooting game. You should fire a gun at those moving dolphins for getting points.
Lamer HunterLamer Hunter
A simple shooting game. Hit the mouse to fire, kill those lamers appear in the screen as much as you
Quick DrawQuick Draw
You should click the mouse to kill those busters before they shoot you. You will get extra points by
Tribal GameTribal Game
Shoot the targets as fast as you can. The more you shoot, the more you score.
Lightsaber PracticeLightsaber Practice
Use the mouse to aim the incoming droids. Shoot them before they shot you.
Shoot the annoying little teddy bear.
Coco ShootCoco Shoot
Shoot the coconuts before it fall on the ground
Kill the MouseKill the Mouse
Try to kill the mouse by shooting in the head.
Shoot your enemies before they shoot you. You have to reload your gun after every 5 shot.
Old WestOld West
A wonderful shooting game in western style. You job is to kill those bad guys.
Pikachu Must DiePikachu Must Die
In this game, countless yellow Pikachus are flying through the sky.
Terrorist Hunt 6Terrorist Hunt 6
Shoot the terrorists in the head as they pop up. Last for as long as possible without dying.
Spider from MarsSpider from Mars
Turn around to seek and destroy the spiders before the destroy the Stonehenge.
Dead Frontier Night OneDead Frontier Night One
Kill the creepy zombies as they approach from all sides in the dark house.
Toothpaste vs BacteriaToothpaste vs Bacteria
Shoot the falling bacteria on the teeth. Yeah, weird I know.
Rescue MissionRescue Mission
Shoot the enemies down with awesome weapons and free the kidnapped people!
Shoot the teletubbies but not the cow!
Captain ZorroCaptain Zorro
Collect your buddies and destroy everything else.
Ammo Ambush 2Ammo Ambush 2
You are a secret service agent and your goal is to clear the area in a limited time.
Beer ShooterBeer Shooter
Get the high-pressure beer blaster, fill in fresh and cool Bavarian beer and start working.
Chaotic Creature ScannerChaotic Creature Scanner
Scan as many creatures as possible to rack up as many points as you can.
Clone CommandoClone Commando
Clone Commander is a photo realistic shooting game, in which you can be the star.
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