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Maya Blocks65,535
Bubble Struggle 2 : Rebubbled65,535
Sift Heads World65,535
Devil Fall65,535
Uphill Rush65,535
4 Wheels Madness65,535
Joker Poker65,535
Factory of Fear65,535
Drag Racer v365,535
Inuyasha. Demon Tournament65,535
Kingdom of Machines65,535
Drag Racer v265,535
The Impossible Quiz 265,535
Dune Buggy65,535
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Strategy Games

Bubble FunBubble Fun
When it is your turn, click on a bubble to inflate it a bit
Penguin PushPenguin Push
In Penguin Push you have to push all the ice blocks into the yellow holes.
The aim of this game is to light both the torches and open a big portal.
Spider ManSpider Man
There is a really cool flash spiderman game out there. Swing across from one web to another while hi
Aqua EnergizerAqua Energizer
Push the red energy dots into the blue tube to energize it and escape from the level.
Age of CastlesAge of Castles
Start a brand new castle outside of town and follow one simple rule... grow! Keep growing more...
Flash CraftFlash Craft
Defend your Tower from the onslaught of enemies.
Daffy JumperDaffy Jumper
Help Daffy the Duck make a good landing on the platform. Watch the underpants to check for wind dire
Little SoldiersLittle Soldiers
Little Soldiers, What to do Mouse Click on little soldiers and items in inventory to select them.
Tank WarsTank Wars
Play 1 or 2 players in this older version of tanks. See in game for instructions.
Lost Your MarblesLost Your Marbles
Find them all without hitting walls. Use your mouse to navigate through the maze.
Invasion 2Invasion 2
You need to build a few units by clicking on them in the Pre-battle screen.
Reach The SkyReach The Sky
A simple yet extremely addictive game. Can you reach the sky?
Slingshot SantaSlingshot Santa
Click once to get the elves pushing the catapult, and again to begin launching Santa Clause.
Wart Hog LaunchWart Hog Launch
Wart Hog Launch Try and blow up each Wart hog that is in the air.
Orc SiegeOrc Siege
Protect your village, build and other skills to defeat goblins and orcs.
Connexions Game Click the pipes to get them to connect together.
Crimson RoomCrimson Room
Find the necessary items to get out of this creepy room.
Monkey DivingMonkey Diving
When a monkey pops up, click on the little chappy to make him dive.
Planet MayhemPlanet Mayhem
Planet Mayhem Select your team, humans or aliens, then character and weapon of choice.
Breakout 360Breakout 360
Move your pad 360 degrees around the brick area.
Storm The HouseStorm The House
You have to defend your stronghold where your wife and kids are in there.
Stealth HunterStealth Hunter
In Stealth Hunter, Sneak around, snap some necks, do whatever it takes to survive.
Place your blocks and your men strategically and move them in while firing your cannon.
Kitten CannonKitten Cannon
Launch the hapless orange kitten into a field filled with bombs, trampolines, and kitten-eating.
Socoban Move the blocks around onto the squares with rhombus. The rules of the game are simple.
Six Feet UnderSix Feet Under
Drive the car as fast as you can by tapping the Right Arrow Key.
Jump your gems over you opponents gems and convert them to your own.
Crash Test Dummy CurlingCrash Test Dummy Curling
Hurl your crash dummy as far as you can. Because curling is just too dangerous for humans!!!
Dragon JetDragon Jet
Click on the dragon to keep him rolling and get the turbo as much you can!
Rolling your ball, don't out from the area!
Avatar Fire Nation Barge BarrageAvatar Fire Nation Barge Barrage
Boat around and attack weak villages. Careful not to attack powerful villages.
The AcrobatsThe Acrobats
Help the squirrel stay in the air as long as possible by bouncing him off the other squirrel's head.
In this game, you are a girl and you run on bridges above a town.
Gold Miner VegasGold Miner Vegas
Before you can leave Australia you need some more money! Use mice to play this game.
Picnic Panic Tower DefensePicnic Panic Tower Defense
Protect the picnic by setting up your tower defenses. How long until you fail?
Turtle WarsTurtle Wars
Take turns and try to kill the other teams turtles. 2 - 4 players only.
Starcraft 5Starcraft 5
Build your base and then defend it against Terran and Protoss combined attacks.
Winter RescueWinter Rescue
A freak snow storm has left much of Planet Chompton frozen, along with half of itís inhabitants.
Apple HuntApple Hunt
The objective of Apple Hunt is to throw the apple into the basket. That way you will get to the next
Baseball TypingBaseball Typing
Exciting typing game where you must type the letters appearing on the screen from your keyboard.
Railroad Tycoon 3Railroad Tycoon 3
Drag the track pieces onto the gird. Form a complete rail-track.
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Lemon Master 8500Lemon Master 8500
Buy lemons, water, sugar and more, then buy out areas in the city and sell lemonade.
Aventure d'OrielAventure d'Oriel
You shall use the interactive items in the image, that you can identify by the changing cursor. For
King Arthur LegendKing Arthur Legend
Play King Arthur Legend Games Now!
Defender Hold The Holy PigDefender Hold The Holy Pig
Setup your towers and keep the enemies from making their way down the path. Destroy all the waves!
Skies Of WarSkies Of War
Amazing airplane fighter from the same guys that brought you Rail of War. Astounding graphics.
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