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Fireball 565,535
Fire Plane65,535
Ball Rolling 365,535
Motocross FMX65,535
Maya Blocks65,535
Bubble Struggle 2 : Rebubbled65,535
Sift Heads World65,535
Devil Fall65,535
Uphill Rush65,535
4 Wheels Madness65,535
Joker Poker65,535
Factory of Fear65,535
Drag Racer v365,535
Inuyasha. Demon Tournament65,535
Kingdom of Machines65,535
Drag Racer v265,535
The Impossible Quiz 265,535
Dune Buggy65,535
Top 100

Top 100!

Stealth-Hunter (65535)
As a secret agent you're in a dangerous position and must find the exit! Follow the instructions and
Fireball 5
Fireball 5 (65535)
Your goal in this car racing game is to clear each stage before time runs out but avoid damaging you
4 Wheels Madness
4 Wheels Madness (65535)
Test your skills on a monster truck.. Try to finish the course intact!
Bubble Struggle 2 : Rebubbled
Bubble Struggle 2 : Rebubbled (65535)
The object of the game is to destroy dangerous bubbles, that bounce around the screen.
Uphill Rush
Uphill Rush (65535)
Race with your bike, truck, car or board down the hill without fails!
Kingdom of Machines
Kingdom of Machines (65535)
An awesome Zelda style RPG.
RollRollRoll (65535)
Rolling your ball, don't out from the area!
Fire Plane
Fire Plane (65535)
Play Fire Plane Games Now!
Maya Blocks
Maya Blocks (65535)
Remove all as much as possible blocks in this physics puzzle skill game. Clicking them with the mouse but do not let them escape sidewa...
Devil Fall
Devil Fall (65535)
Create explosions to push all devils off the screen. Save all angels & keep them on platforms.
Ball Rolling 3
Ball Rolling 3 (65535)
Draw solid & rubber shapes to get the beach ball rolling & bouncing. Grab stars as you exit level.
Drag Racer v3
Drag Racer v3 (65535)
Drag Racer v3 is the newer better version of Drag Racer v2 that has many more features.
Inuyasha. Demon Tournament
Inuyasha. Demon Tournament (65535)
InuYasha. Battle strategy and all-out demon fighting in a new Special Edition.
Factory of Fear
Factory of Fear (65535)
Walk through the house and discover ghosts and other freaky situations.
Drag Racer v2
Drag Racer v2 (65535)
Drag Racer v2 is the newer version of the original Drag Racer that has some good updates.
Bike Mania 3
Bike Mania 3 (65535)
A new bike mania is out and its better then ever! Bike Mania has gone to Iceland and it is very slip
Dino Attack
Dino Attack (65535)
Hold your position & keep your position safe from the incoming dinosaur waves.
Dune Buggy
Dune Buggy (65535)
Play dune buggy games now!
Motocross FMX
Motocross FMX (65535)
Play Motocross FMX Games Now!
The Impossible Quiz 2
The Impossible Quiz 2 (65535)
Answer insanely hard questions that require obscure insane logic, super fast reactions or just pure
Joker Poker
Joker Poker (65535)
Play Joker Poker games now.
Sift Heads World
Sift Heads World (65535)
This is special release of the brutal sniper game named Sift Heads World. Choose a character and start shooting your targets.
Kinetikz 2
Kinetikz 2 (60263)
Here comes the second part of the logic puzzle game Kinetikz. Again you have to shoot your discs and
Create A Ride
Create A Ride (60085)
Select a car to start with using the arrows at the bottom left.
Fluffy Ball
Fluffy Ball (60076)
Cut ropes & release objects to get the blue fluffy ball to the orange ball.
Indestruction Tank 2
Indestruction Tank 2 (56064)
Stay away from bomb use button "A" and "D" to move.
Kissing During Work
Kissing During Work (54153)
Wait until your boss move then kissing!
Diesel or Death
Diesel or Death (53686)
Diesel or Death is racing game. You are a super biker, You got yourself several gallons of diesel in
Club DJ Dress Up
Club DJ Dress Up (51178)
Dress Up this girl for club party!
Wacked Mission Mode
Wacked Mission Mode (50257)
Fly in your helicopter and shoot down people owing you protection money.
Rocket Car 2
Rocket Car 2 (49474)
In this Space Taxi-like gravity lander game you have to get your Rocket Car safely to the exits of e
Hunger Strike Tower Defence
Hunger Strike Tower Defence (49204)
Buy and put your weapon in good position to kill all enemy.
Jet Pac Stan
Jet Pac Stan (48045)
Guide Stan through the cave network using the arrow keys and space bar.
Park My Boat
Park My Boat (47239)
Your object on this games is to parking the boat!
Rock Star Make Over
Rock Star Make Over (46623)
Choose hair style, make up, and more to make this girl become beauty.
School Uniform Dress Up 2
School Uniform Dress Up 2 (46265)
Choose the best uniform for this young girls
Night Raptor
Night Raptor (45955)
Rescue the hostages, and pick up goodies while fighting aliens.
Rotate 720
Rotate 720 (44978)
Take care that the ball collects the key and reaches the portal in this little logic time killer gam
Abadia Del Terror
Abadia Del Terror (44444)
Arrow keys to move. Good game if you're into this sorta thing.
Roadster (44165)
A heavy bike and a heavy gun, that's all you need in action shooter road game. Use the arrow keys to drive'n'dodge and mouse to shoot.
Alias 2
Alias 2 (42846)
A.L.I.A.S stands for Artificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage.
Spongebob Delivery Drama
Spongebob Delivery Drama (42794)
Help Spongebob Squarepants deliver all the krusty crab ingredients to the kitchen in time or its not
Zelda Poe Catcher
Zelda Poe Catcher (42637)
Catch as many poes with your net as you can without dying!
Oriental Flirting Game
Oriental Flirting Game (41829)
Click on every boy on your way to make him fall in love with you faster than with your competitor!
Squidgy (41608)
Use your mouse to smash Squidgy into enemies without being hit by their bullet.
Nicholas Weird Adventure 2
Nicholas Weird Adventure 2 (40755)
Explore the world and have an adventure as Nicholas.
Big Bomb Blackjack
Big Bomb Blackjack (39687)
With the casino open, itís your chance to test your skill against the dealer in Big Bomb Blackjack.
Extreme Trucks
Extreme Trucks (39222)
Extreme Trucks is another 2D vehicle skill game which is quite similar to the well known bike games.
Haunted Prison Colony
Haunted Prison Colony (38781)
The latest part of the mouse-driven RPG action adventure game which features different characters.
Governor of Poker
Governor of Poker (38314)
Play Governor of Poker Games now!
Park Your Ride Vegas
Park Your Ride Vegas (37255)
Park and riding in Las Vegas! Try to park all cars without breaking them. Use arrows to accelerate and steer the vehicles.
Celtic Village
Celtic Village (36723)
Control the villagers and keep them working to keep the village fruitful.
Escape From Hell Towers
Escape From Hell Towers (35586)
Your mission is to control your hero and shoot all the enemies before they terminate you.
Flash Poker
Flash Poker (35549)
Play Flash Poker Games Now.
Real World
Real World (34966)
You have to remove all blocks and save the dude like in Totem Destroyer. Gets pretty hard!
3 Card Poker
3 Card Poker (34284)
Play 3 Card Poker games Now.
3D Desert Dash! WOW!
3D Desert Dash! WOW! (34058)
Hover across the desert shooting mushrooms and dodging bombs!
Milky Shoot
Milky Shoot (32586)
Help this little baby on his dangerous journey on the electricity wires high above the city.
The Last Wave
The Last Wave (32582)
Fly your jet fighter over rocks and mountains while shooting down alien space craft.
Phantom Mansion The Red Chamber
Phantom Mansion The Red Chamber (32543)
Explore the house grabbing keys and making your way from room to room.
Sherff Tripeaks
Sherff Tripeaks (32401)
Classic solitaire variation where you stack cards onto the pile from the shapes 1 number away.
Turnip Hunter
Turnip Hunter (31322)
Seems like turnips have grown really popular and now you have been hired as a turnip hunter, so go o
Motel Madness
Motel Madness (30692)
The adventure game Motel Madness is a very special experience as it is an interactive comic strip wh
My Cute Pets
My Cute Pets (30590)
You should make your pet happy by give what they want.
The Dukes Of Hazzard - Poker With Daisy
The Dukes Of Hazzard - Poker With Daisy (30492)
Play Casino games Poker With Daisy.
Factory Balls
Factory Balls (30369)
Welcome to the virtual assessment center of a ball manufacturer... in this puzzle game youll have to
The Curse of Waterdeep Mardoks Reign
The Curse of Waterdeep Mardoks Reign (29999)
The Waterdeep RPG continues with the adventure that made the first pretty popular to RPG fans.
FWG Island
FWG Island (28179)
Your objective is to protect the island from the evils of development.
Grand Roulette
Grand Roulette (28133)
Play Grand Roulette games now.
Telepath Adventure
Telepath Adventure (27871)
Play this cool RPG Telepath Adventure
Gunny Bunny 2
Gunny Bunny 2 (26235)
You control one angry and rude rabbit with 2 miniguns.
Cutie Dressup 3
Cutie Dressup 3 (26150)
Design a perfect look for and Fashionable Cutie,try on different types of make-up and hairstyles.
Rolling Turtle
Rolling Turtle (26018)
Getting the Rolling Turtle to the exit of each level of this platform skill game isn't that easy, bu
Moto Rallye
Moto Rallye (25996)
No, this isn't one of the bike skill games as you know it. In this quite simple obstacle race you mo
Action Driving Game
Action Driving Game (25863)
Guide the tricked-out BMW to the Eiffel Tower.
Bratz Big Night Out
Bratz Big Night Out (25631)
Earn points on the matching game, design jewelry for your Bratz, dress her up and take her out for T
Scriball (25255)
Use mouse to draw lines and press button to jump.
Goofy Gopher
Goofy Gopher (25184)
Match all the flowers before the sun sets!
Absolutist BlackJack
Absolutist BlackJack (24875)
Play casino style black jack hit stand double down insure against ace.
RazorMane RPG
RazorMane RPG (24647)
An amazingly created 3D world of RPG gameplay. Explore the world and conquer your objectives.
Flash Tank
Flash Tank (24433)
Change angle and power depending on wind and fire the cannon from your tank destroy enemy tank.
Doctor A.Tom
Doctor A.Tom (24231)
If you like those chain reaction puzzle games here another sweet time killer for you to waste the ne
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 (23904)
You'll need some sense of rhythm to play your guitar in the DDR music game Super Crazy Guitar Maniac
Astro Flyer
Astro Flyer (23764)
Get yourself (safely) through the pseudo 3D flying game Astro Flyer. Use your mouse to move, press b
Epic War 2
Epic War 2 (23480)
Play the commander in the strategy battle and defense game, capture opposing fortresses by releasing your fighting forces.
Crazy Go Nuts
Crazy Go Nuts (23172)
You're crazy for Bloons? You're goin' nuts when you play Ragdoll Cannon? Well, then try this skill g
Jack Russell
Jack Russell (22980)
Get your dog home. Draw a path to guide your dog to his food dish.
Colosseum Blackjack
Colosseum Blackjack (22978)
Play casino black jack hit stand split double down and get insurance against dealer's ace.
BlackJack (22803)
Play a game of casino blackjack double down split bet thousands of chips and win big money.
Boite (22759)
In Boite you have to remove all the blocks of each level with just one shot using your mouse, not th
Sunshine Shopaholic
Sunshine Shopaholic (22735)
Collect your designer rewards and avoid your partner!
Cutie maker 15
Cutie maker 15 (22461)
Design a perfect look for and Fashionable Cutie,try on different types of make-up and hairstyles.
Poker Joker
Poker Joker (22147)
As the cards fall, select the cards you need to complete the best card hand possible. Be fast!
Blob Farm
Blob Farm (22080)
Your like the big brother of the Blobs, Your job is to keep them safe for as long as possible from v
Love Tester
Love Tester (21969)
I cannot guarantee this will works hahaha..
Lovely Fashion 10
Lovely Fashion 10 (21919)
Design a perfect look and Fashionable Girl,try on different types of make-up and hairstyles, cloth.
Spin To Win
Spin To Win (21468)
Another slot machine casino game for you to take a change on.
Bandit Ludo
Bandit Ludo (21195)
Who needs a board to play Ludo when you can play this nice board game clone? Well, there's not much
Air Goddess Dress Up
Air Goddess Dress Up (21165)
Dress an Air Goodies with incredible clothing
Darkness Springs 2
Darkness Springs 2 (20826)
Darkness Springs 2 This is the second chapter of the mouse-driven RPG adventure game Darkness Spr
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9.9Crazy Go Nuts
9.9The Pulpifier
9.9Space Wing
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